The only thing that is ultimately real about your journey is the step that you are taking at this moment. That’s all there ever is

Julie radiates the most beautiful positive energy and her presence is both calming and energizing. Her gentle demeanor encourages healing and her kindness allows for a deep level of trust. Julie is passionate about every aspect of her practice and puts her soul into every session. She sincerely cares about every client (and every student that is lucky enough to attend her pole and aerial yoga classes). Julie has a natural ability to channel energies and to pinpoint areas of unbalance. Her curiosity is one of her most important traits as she is constantly searching for different ways to facilitate healing for her clients.

When I started my body talk sessions with Julie I was of the mind-set "Well what do I have to lose" and boy, I was so pleasantly surprised at how much value I was able to receive from each session. Julie is so intuitive and managed to extract, remedy and re-balance everything I had been harbouring and holding onto that was no longer serving my well-being both emotionally or physically. After every session without fail I felt lighter, like a weight had literally been lifted. I can highly recommend Julie, she has been such a blessing, my husband fell quite ill with covid and after doing a distance session with Julie his lungs almost immediately felt less strained, he felt a great sense of relief from one session alone.

I have received so much benefit from my body talk sessions with Julie. She is really skilled at holding space for all the messy stuff that can come up in a body Talk session. My body feels a lot more balanced and aligned in so many ways. My chronic IBS which no specialist has every been able to provide relief for and which I thought I was just going to have to live with has greatly improved. In general I feel more physically and mentally balanced.

It has been a stressful, really tough and challenging year with my dad being diagnosed with cancer, looking after him when he could no longer do things for himself anymore and then passing away. With everything happening I was feeling heavy and not in the right head space. I was present most times physically but not mentally, I was all over the place and struggled to concentrate. I wasnt sleeping resulting in me being irritated and impatient most times, I lacked drive and motivation to do day to day things. Julz suggested doing a BodyTalk and it helped me so much. It taught me to be ok with what’s happening and that it’s ok to cry when I feel like crying instead of pushing it aside. I did a few session and after every session I felt lighter and so much better I became more present in the moment literally living in the present moment. Through BodyTalk Julz has helped me deal with everything that was going on as well as to appreciate my body more including just listening to what my body is telling me. It’s made me more aware of how everything affects my body and to acknowledge how situations and everything makes me feel then allowing myself to let it go. It's helped be ok with how I feel and that's its normal to have a off day and be ok with it. Julie has been amazing through my journey she is the most caring person and I would highly recommend her to people wanting to do BodyTalk. She is patient, understanding and supportive.. everything she does is to help me become a better version of me and helps ensure my body always balance and connected. Julz is truly amazing and does everything with passion and explains everything to me as things come up during the sessions so I better understand what's happening. After every session she always checks in to see how I’m feeling.