The Science of BodyTalk

How exactly does BodyTalk work?

There’s no short answer to this. Founded in quantum physics, BodyTalk is a scientifically proven form of quantum healing and a very effective form of distance healing. If you’re interested in understanding more, ‘The Science and Philosophy of BodyTalk’ written by the founder of the BodyTalk System, Dr John Veltheim is an informative read.:

Here also is a link to a peer-reviewed published research study on distance BodyTalk treatments for chronic pain conducted by Dr Laura Stuve, PhD and Dr Janet Galipo. It’s published in the Journal of Pain Management and demonstrates excellent statistically significant reduction of pain intensity in long term chronic pain sufferers and improvement in the associated emotional issues of anxiety and depression that many patients face.

Quantum healing and distance healing

Today’s modern scientific discoveries convincingly demonstrate that both distance healing and quantum healing works – and are just as effective as face to face healing for mind-body health. So how does quantum healing work? Award winning journalist and author Lynne McTaggart presents the facts in her book called ‘The Field’. ‘Demonstrating the hard evidence of what frontier scientists all over the world have collectively produced. Having shown that an energy field called ‘the Zero Point Field’ connects everything in the universe. And we ourselves are intrinsically connected to this field and part of this vast dynamic cobweb of energy exchange.’ This field is independent of time and space – a major and important finding that give scientific credibility to distant healing.

Here lastly is a great description by Dr. Sadie Ruttner from a conference about distance healing held at Harvard University. ‘Long distance healing is wireless technology and works on a principle similar to the cell phone. It’s fairly well accepted that the garage door opener and the television remote works by wireless methods. The cell phone works at an even greater distance’. All you need is a sender and a receiver. So in the case of BodyTalk, the practitioner is the sender and the client is the receiver.


Taken from Mind Body Health Expert